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COVID-19 Continuity Plan

As you are aware, schools across Alberta have been closed to students until further notice. These are unprecedented times for Rocky View Schools; we want to assure you that our jurisdiction is taking a thoughtful and responsive approach to plan the continuity of learning for students and services to our families.

COVID-19 Continuity Plan

RVS also recognizes that its families and staff have many questions related to the school closure and the jurisdiction's plan to ensure continuity of learning.

With this in mind, RVS has created an online repository, COVID-19 Continuity Plan, that will provide answers to frequently asked questions, parent resources for learning, details around RVS' learning continuity plan and tips for staying well, both mentally and physically, during this global pandemic.

Hosted on RVS' public website, this repository will continuously be updated so families and staff are encouraged to return often.

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2020/21 Advanced Registration Begins Jan. 13, 2020

From Jan. 13, 2020 onward, all schools will be accepting registrations through SchoolEngage or in person at the school. Although registration will continue through to next September, registering early ensures families have a successful transition.

Welcoming All New Families to Rocky View Schools

Although registration is ongoing up to the first day of school, pre-registration helps your child make a successful transition. Schools have a wealth of activities planned! For full details, visit RVS’ Advanced Registration Folder to be prepared for our registration process in January 2020.

2020/21 Advanced Registration Begins Jan. 13, 2020

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Kindergarten Eligibility Requirements to Change for 2020/21

Effective Fall 2020, students must turn five years old by Dec. 31 of the school year they wish to begin Kindergarten.

Alberta's New Standardized Age of Entry

To comply with Alberta's new Education Act and subsequent Early Childhood Services Regulations, Kindergarten eligibility requirements will be changing, effective Fall 2020. The new standardized age of entry requires students to turn five by Dec. 31 of the school year they wish to begin Kindergarten. This change allows students born between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31, 2015, to register for  Kindergarten for the 2020/21 school year.

To learn of RVS' Advance Registration dates and process visit RVS' public website.

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Communication of Student Learning - Reporting Tools

RVS’ Communication of Student Learning (CoSL) process is designed to help students build knowledge of themselves as learners, while capturing their proficiency in demonstrating learner outcomes and facilitating conversations about the next steps on the student’s learning journey. It is a comprehensive strategy based on current assessment research. CoSL includes: Goal-Setting, Three-Way/Triad Conferences, Student Portfolios, PowerSchool Public Portal and Report Cards.
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Volunteer Letter for Police and Vulnerable Sector Check

Click on "School Forms" beneath "Quick Links"
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June Message

June 2019

It’s June and another great school year is coming to a close and there is only three weeks left to this school year. These next three weeks are going to be very busy as students write PAT’s, final exams, year-end field trips, term three celebration, and wrap everything up on Wednesday June 26th with sports day and our awards ceremony.

The School Fair and what our students create for this event and the animals they care for never ceases to amaze me. I would like to thank all of the judges and School Board Trustee – Judith Hunter, who came early and helped make sandwiches and prepare for the day. This event would not be possible without the support of the numerous community members/businesses, volunteer judges, parents, and the organizing committee of L. Coleman, S. Kinch, M. Kuechler, H. Memon, V. Reeve, C. Rohleder, S. Spocchi and N. Veasy-Jalbert. Thank you to all who were involved in making this a great community event by coming out Saturday to enjoy the event and who visited our book fair hosted by Mrs. Ashley. The book fair raised $2686.33, money that will go directly back to resources for the students. Thanks Mrs. Ashley and to all of you who now have a few more books and school materials to enjoy.

Thank you to those volunteers who were able to attend our Volunteer Tea on May 14th. It was great to have you as our guests and show our appreciation for all that you do for us throughout the year. I realize not all of you were able to join us for this event and I want you to know that you do make a difference, are truly appreciated, and you make Westbrook School a great learning community. Hosting a volunteer tea requires the efforts of many. I would especially like to thank Mrs. Sandy Jaeger for organizing the event, along with staff and our students for setting up, decorating the gym with their art work, providing entertainment, and serving or guests.

While I am thanking people, I would like to thank you the parents/guardians of the students who attend Westbrook. I would like to thank all of you for your valuable feedback and completing the RVS Satisfaction Survey. 97% of our parents completed the survey (the Highest in RVS). We truly appreciate your input and use the information gathered from this survey and the Alberta Government APORI survey to create our School Education Plan, (which will be renamed next year to “The Playbook”) as we plan for next year.

As this school year comes to a close, I would like to invite all of you to a couple of upcoming celebrations. Our Term 3 Celebration which is being hosted by our Grade 1 & 2’s will be held on Tuesday June 11th at 2:15pm and the Friends of Westbrook would like to invite you to a Free Year End BBQ on June 13th from 5:00pm to 6:45pm. FOW has had a busy year securing a $100,000 matching grant to increase the size of the new school’s gym. It is going to take a lot of dedication and fundraising to pay off this $100,000 over the next 5 years while they continue to support the school student learning within the school. I would like to thank FOW for all the support they gave the students/school this year and their future fundraising plans of raising another $25,000 through the Trip of the Month Raffle Draw. There are 6 trips to be won, 6 - $200 prizes, 6 - $100 prizes and an early bird draw of $1000 which will be drawn the evening of the BBQ. Do you have your ticket?

Finally, I would like to close with an update about the new school. If all goes as planned you are going to start to see things happening as RVS prepares to start construction of the new school. In June you should see the small building north of the school be demolished/removed and a few portables that will be used in the construction of the new school placed in the green space in front of the school where we usually have our tipi. I know this may cause some parking problems for some of the year end events so please give yourself a bit more time to park and walk to the school when attending events.

Please give us a call or send us a email if you have any questions or concerns.

Enjoy your summer.

Christine Parker

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Student Code of Conduct

Public education is a shared responsibility. With students, families, employees and our communities, we are working together every day to build positive learning environments for student success.

Fostering Safe, Caring and Respectful Learning Environments

The safety, well-being and acceptance of all students is paramount at Rocky View Schools. In all our interactions, we work to ensure students have the understanding, skills and opportunities to contribute to welcoming, caring, and respectful, learning environments that respect diversity and nurture a sense of belonging and positive sense of self. To ensure that each and every student, including those with diverse sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions, has the educational opportunities and supports needed to be successful in school, our Board endorses two administrative procedures that affirms the rights of each student – we invite you to become familiar with them:

AP 350 - Student Code of Conduct

AP 207 - Learning Environments that Respect Diverse Sexual Orientations, Gender Identities and Gender Expressions.

Public education is a shared responsibility. With students, families, employees and our communities, we are working together every day to build positive learning environments for student success.

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Bus Late LIne

If your child's bus is late before or after school please call the Bus Late Line at 403.250.0016.
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