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Learning Support

Welcome! I am Colleen Bushrod, the Learning Support teacher at Westbrook.  Learning Support involves a group of professionals working together to meet the needs of students within our school community.  The classroom teachers, early literacy teacher, learning support assistants, child development advisor, the school administration and myself work collaboratively to develop programs to address individual learning needs of students.

Student needs are met through small group support, accommodations or modifications within the classroom setting.

I look forward to continuing to support students at Westbrook School.


The Learning Support Team members are:

Christine Parker

Assistant Principal

Hana Hooper

Resource/Learning Support Teacher
Colleen Bushrod

Early Literacy Teacher

Julie Livingstone

Educational Assistants
Heather Ashley
Donna Gordon
Mariola Gordon

Heather Hamilton

Jodi Sawyer

Jona Kondrat


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