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Principal's Message November 2019

November’s Message

It is hard to believe it is November. It feels like it has been winter for two months already. It is important that students dress appropriately, as they will be going outside for two recess periods a day with the longest recess being 25 minutes. All students, even middle school ones need to have a proper winter jacket, gloves, a hat, and boots. Snow pants are also great for all age levels. Lastly, students must keep a second pair of shoes at school for indoor use and physical education.

Even with the cold weather, work on the new school continues as scheduled. The weather has not been the only challenge Maple Reinders has had to deal with. There was also a break in on the Thanksgiving Long Weekend where a number of tools and items were stolen. If you notice unusual activity on the site please contact the police.

October was a busy month at Westbrook for elections as we were a polling station for the Federal Election and hosted our own School Council elections. 14 candidates ran for the school council executive. Their well-thought-out speeches were very impressive and clearly articulated their passion for leadership and making a difference. This made it very difficult for the students of Westbrook to choose their new executive. It is unfortunate that not all 14 could be part of the executive. All candidates should be proud of their efforts! I know all middle school students will have other opportunities to show leadership and make a difference by getting involved with Families and WeDay activities.

Westbrook Student Council Executive

Class Representatives

President - Julia Kinch

Vice President - Drew White

Treasurer - Talia Pike

Secretary - Liam Ireton

Public Relations - Jonah Armitt, Keeley Scott

Hunter Spocchi

Grade 8 – Chloe Harwood & Taya Simmer

Grade 7 – Brenden Reeve & Owen Pike

Grade 6 – Porter Pighin & Caron Carroll

Grade 5 – Billy Bennett & Josie Shelstad

Friends of Westbrook have just finished allocating $21,683 to enhance teaching and learning at Westbrook School for the current school year. Some of the allocations include: Author visit, math learning supports, Mathletics, Hero’s program, field trips, Alien Inline, science incubator, and grade 6 camp. This allocation of money drains their accounts and leaves nothing for next year when we will be moving into the new school. This is why they are really ramping up awareness and sales for the Trip of the Month. All funds raised go directly back to support students and programs at Westbrook School. They are looking for your help to sell the remaining 331 tickets as 169 have been sold. You can find additional information in this newsletter or on their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/FriendsOfWestbrook on how you can help.

Term One will be wrapping up the first week of December with the first Report Card of the year going home Friday, December 6th. We recognize December is a very busy month for families and decided it may be difficult for many of you to attend 3 Way Parent/Student Conferences during the second week of December after the report card goes home. As a result, we will be having interviews the last week of November, (the same week as last year) Tuesday, November 26th from 4pm to 7pm and Thursday, November 28th from 5pm to 7:30pm. We realize you will not have a report to refer to but we will be able to give a fairly accurate idea of how your child did during term one. Please remember you do not have to wait until interviews or report cards to receive feedback on your child’s progress, please give us a call or send an email if you have any questions or concerns. You can also be using PowerSchool to see how your child is doing on assignments right now! https://ps.rockyview.ab.ca/public/home.html

Christine Parker

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