Communication of Student Learning

Westbrook School, along with all Rocky View elementary/middle schools will continue the process of how we report student learning to parents. Westbrook staff has been familiarizing themselves and our students to the 21st century competencies and subject specific learner outcomes. We are looking forward to implementing two of the four components of the new process and the remaining two components the following school year. 2015-2016 NEW - Report Cards/Evidence Summaries and Three Way - Teacher/Parent/Student Conferences 2016-2017 Learner Profiles and Portfolios You can also call us at any time to discuss any questions or concerns you may have. CLICK ON THE TITLE "COMMUNICATION OF STUDENT LEARNING" FOR MORE DETAILS

Helping student build knowledge of themselvesCommunication of Student Learning

The Communication of Student Learning Process is designed to help K-8 students build knowledge of themselves as learners while capturing their proficiency in demonstrating learner outcomes and facilitating conversations of the next steps on the student’s learning journey.

Learn more by reading our Communication of Student Learning Communique.

Teachers and parents also can learn more about assessment in Rocky View Schools by going to the new Learning and Teacher folder. An entire section has been dedicated to “Assessing”.

Over the course of the year, this folder will be updated to ensure RVS school communities keep abreast of its new assessment process and any new developments.

Teachers and parents can send their reflections and feedback on the new process by email to:

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