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My role is to assist students with social, emotional and behavioural needs throughout the school year. I work with all the staff, students, parents and many different outside agencies. This connection with others helps to ensure the needs of all learners are being met.

Welcome to the 2017/2018 school year!  I would like to take this opportunity to re-acquaint you with my role in the school.  As a Child Development Advisor I am here to enhance the social, emotional, and behavioural development of students.

I provide support to students in and out of the classroom, individually or in group settings.  Some of the topics I work with the students on are study skills, organization skills, friendship skills, problem solving skills, assertiveness, anxiety/stress, grief due to loss or death, social skills, transitioning through separation/divorce, bully proofing/interventions, coping skills, anger management, self esteem support and family support referrals. Also, I am involved with running the Grandparent Program, Chess Club, Intramural/Sports Club, Fun Friends, Zones of Regulation Groups, Circle Of Courage Program, Games Day Coordinator and the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Calgary and area Mentoring Program at Westbrook School.

A new program we are offering at Westbrook School  during regular school hours is called is called the Rainbow Program. The dramatic impact of divorce, death, separation, loss and unknown transitions in life greatly affects each family member. The aim of the age directed curricula that RAINBOWS offers is to furnish participants with an understanding of their new family unit; to assist in building a stronger sense of self-esteem; and to direct them toward healthy resolution of the changes that have taken place in their personal lives. This program is typically a 6-12 week program that is made up of children who are experiencing a similar loss. Please click on the RAINBOW link for further information.

If you would like to find out more about my role, the programs I am involved with, or how I can best provide support for your child at Westbrook feel free to call me at the school or stop by my office when you’re at the school.

Jona Kondrat   403-932-5443 or

RVS email



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