Helpful Websites

Grade 6 Exam Bank
Grade 6 students can use the practice tests to help review and study.
Spelling City
Great website for spelling practice! Just enter your list words and choose an option!
Grammar Help
Have a question about grammar? You may find the answer here!
Online Dictionary
Online Reference Centre
Username: LA53 Password: 4487
Canadian Geographic
"That's Not Fair!"
A presentation on rights and freedoms by April Julian.
The Acorn Test
The Acorn test is a tool to help you decide when it is fair and reasonable to place limits on our rights and freedoms. (By April Julian)
"What does it mean to live in a democracy?" - Short, animated videos
"That’s Not Fair! is a series developed by the Canadian Civil Liberties Education Trust to invite kids, ages 7 to 11, to think critically about what it means to live in a democracy."
Olympic Scavenger Hunt
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