School Closure Policy

Westbrook School Procedures for School Closure and Cancellation of Bus Service

In Compliance with RVSD Board policy, the following procedures will be put into effect should Westbrook School need to be closed due to weather or other conditions:

1. Decisions to close school because of inclement weather or other emergencies will be announced on radio stations CBC, CHFM Lite96, 66CFR, JACK FM, FAN960, QR77, Q107, Country105FM, CJAY92, CITY TV, The Range, and on the Global News Morning Edition.

  • NOTE: It is the responsibility of parents to listen for school closures
  • This information will also be available by phoning the "late bus line" 250-0016

2. Specific bus routes may be cancelled when the driver feels it is unsafe to operate due to weather or road conditions, and the bus driver will notify all parents. Should a bus route or routes be cancelled in the morning afternoon service will also be cancelled.

3. It is your responsibility as a parent to determine whether or not it is safe for your child to leave for school during severe weather conditions and whether the school building is open.

4. Once students are being conveyed to school, the school will not be closed by the Principal until regular dismissal time. Should it be deemed unsafe to dismiss students at the usual time, students may be kept at the school until it is deemed safe for the buses to depart, or until other arrangements have been made.

5. There is a possibility that schools may be closed during the day because of power failures, heating, plumbing or water malfunctions. Again, all attempts will be made to hold the children at school or transfer them to another location in the immediate area until dismissal time. Should this not be feasible, it may be necessary to accommodate students in an alternate home until regular dismissal time.

Note: Westbrook School will also post school closures on it's website at:

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