The Fun Lunch Program

Westbrook School's "Fun Lunch" Program is co-ordinated and manned by parent volunteers and Grade 8 students. It is a user-pay service for students in grades K-8. All students and staff are welcome to participate in the "Fun Lunch" Program.

'Fun Lunch" takes place the first Tuesday of each month from November through to June. Students and staff are given the option to place orders for some or all of these days. "Fun lunch" options vary from month to month. In the past, they have included pizza, tacos, subs, etc. Each menu is planned to include fun, healthy, and hot food selections as an alternative to bagged lunches. Every precaution is made to ensure the food quality and dissemination is in accordance with Safe Food Handling practices.

Westbrook School is sensitive to the needs of all students with allergies. However, we cannot be absolutely certain that all food products are free of potential allergens - i.e., peanut or peanut related products. If a student has a severe food allergy it is strongly advised that you consider other lunch options.

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