Welcome to the Westbrook Learning Commons

Westbrook Library / Learning Commons philosophy, library skills and schedule.

Welcome from Mrs. Ashley!

Hello Westbrook students, parents and community!

Thank you for checking out the Westbrook Library site. Our Learning Commons is a vibrant, exciting space, with so many opportunities to explore.  We offer students books that allow them to learn to read and books that allow them to read to learn!

Please come prepared to explore, investigate, imagine, learn, collaborate, create and communicate ideas and opinions.

You can contact me at Westbrook School at 403-932-5443 or e-mail me

Library time is more than just a story time,  just as the library is more than a warehouse for books.  Every class visit is planned in order to make sure all children learn skills and develop the life-long love of reading.

Class Library Schedule

Five Finger Test

This simple little test will help you decide if a book is for you.

  • Open the book and choose any page to read, looking for a whole page of print
  • Put out 1 finger for every word you don't know or can't pronounce.
  • If you have 5 fingers up, the book is too hard.
  • 1 Finger:  The book is good for you

    2 Fingers: The book is still good.

    3 Fingers: The book could be hard for you to understand.

    4 Fingers: The book will be difficult to read and understand.

    5 Fingers: You should choose another book.

    REMEMBER:  You should notice if a book is

    • very easy for you,

    • just right for you,

    • or if it is challenging for you.

    All good readers read a mix of books -- below their reading level, at their reading level, and above their reading level.  Most of your reading should be "just right."

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