Principal's Message November 2017

November’s Message

Winter has arrived rather quickly. It feels like we went directly from summer to winter. Thank you for helping your children dress for the weather. All students, even middle school ones need to have a proper winter jacket, gloves, a hat, and boots. Snow pants are also great for all age levels. Lastly Students must keep a second pair of shoes at school for indoor use and physical education.

Westbrook Students have selected their Student Council Executive. I was truly humbled and very impressed with the number of grade 7 & 8 students who were interested in student leadership. All of the 15 candidates speeches were well thought-out and clearly articulated their passion for leadership. It is unfortunate that there is only 7 positions available. All candidates should be proud of their efforts and I hope you continue to pursue future leadership opportunities.

Westbrook Student Council Executive

Class Representatives

President - Shea White

Vice President - Bryn White

Treasurer - Jacob White

Secretary - Andrew Korver

Public Relations - Nathan Lesack,

Dusty Bennett and April Bushrod

Grade 8 – Connor Miller

Grade 7 – Clay Grattidge

Grade 6 – Austin Rohleder

Grade 5 – Hunter Spocchi


The School Annual Results Report (SARR) is finished and has been shared with School Council and submitted to RVS Executive for review. This is the document that summarizes how we are doing with respect to the goals in our School Education Plan, as well as parent, student and staff satisfaction. Thank you to all of the parents who participated in both the Alberta Education and Rocky View Schools surveys, which provided us valuable feedback. Over 90% of our parents/ guardians completed the surveys giving us a true feeling of what we are doing well and areas of focus. We have so many things to be proud of here at Westbrook. The SARR will be posted on both the RVS website and the school website, after review, sometime in early December.

Volunteerism is a huge part of what makes Westbrook a great school. Thank you to all of you that have volunteered your time for our students. Whether it was for hot lunches, picture day, assisting in the classroom or at the office, coaching, or helping teachers prepare materials, we truly appreciate all of our Volunteers. You make a huge difference in our school. This year we are gathering volunteer information in a new way. Earlier this month we sent home a link to our volunteer form. Please take the time to complete this form at your earliest convenience. We would like to have an up to date list of volunteers we can contact throughout the year and at this point we only have 10 volunteers who have completed the form. The form can be found on the Westbrook School Website. Please click on parents, then click on the Viewlet “Volunteer” followed by the Viewlet “Volunteer Form” Or Try this link

Rocky View Schools has requested all middle and elementary school send home their Term One Report Cards December 8th. We recognize December is a very busy month for families and decided it may be difficult for many of you to attend 3 Way Parent/Student Conferences during the second week of December after the report card goes home. As a result, we will be having interviews the last week of November (the same week as last year) Tuesday November 28th from 4pm to 7pm and Thursday November 30th from 5pm to 7:30pm. We realize you will not have a report to refer to but we will be able to give a fairly accurate idea of how your child did during term one. Please remember you do not have to wait until interview or report cards to receive feedback on your child’s progress, please give us a call or send an email if you have any questions or concerns.

Christine Parker

Principal Westbrook School

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